Teen Camp Workshops

Makeup Workshop

Spa Workshop

Acting Workshop

Be the first of your friends to learn cutting edge skills and techniques in Acting, Makeup and Spa.

At New Image we understand the future of the arts rests in the hands of the youth. You are the ones that will be on our screens, in our shops , on our sets and working in our spas. For this reason we’ve developed our teen programs. These week long camps will give you a taste of what is required to compete at the highest level in the industry. And for this reason we invite you to “jumpstart your career path with us!” – Charie Van Dyke – President of New Image College

New Image College’s Acting, Makeup and Spa teen programs offer fun, interactive and practical classes, teaching you to take the techniques you have learned at home and with friends and develop them with the advice of industry professionals and with the use of industry grade products. Our workshops will take you ten steps closer to your future goals and dreams… and who knows, you just might have fun doing it.

Upon graduation New Image awards a grant which can be used for post-secondary studies at our college, you also earn an award of completion , which you can use on your resume or at your next Interview.

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