Short Film Audition – Female Role – Vancouver – March 8, 2019

An independent, professional group of filmmakers working in the Vancouver film industry are looking to film a teaser for an INDIEGOGO Campaign. The short film is titled “LUDA” (Voice of the People). The film is to be shot high quality, for local and international festivals. This is NOT a student production.


The character is about an eastern European girls that has disappeared from her wealthy family. She is smart, passionate, highly trained in martial arts, weapons etc. pulling influences from a female James Bond and Wonder Woman.



Iman Javadi


UBCP Agreement




UBCP 20/20 ULB Program.



Can be applied to both Union and Nonunion members with resume, demo reel or headshot.

Submission Contact Only by Email:

We will send a scene to selected people and will ask them to record their audition.