Our boutique salon is finally looking to hire 1 more lucky gal for the summer season.

A little bit about us here at Romantique Nails Inc. We have only been open for 3 months and offer mainly lashes, nails, and a bit of waxing (eye brows and upper lip). Our cozy salon currently is sitting at 39 – 5 star google ratings. We really cherish our clients and genuinely love and care for each and every one of them. Our clients say we are the barber shop of all nail salons where we make endless fun conversations and LOL all day long. Most recently we had a staff party at Celebrities to check out DJ Mustard. A bunch of clients/friends came out as well. Myself, Ivonne, Joanne, Kim, Celine, and Kathy would love to add 1 more girl to our tight night fam jam.

Check us out at or instagram or FB us at Romantique Nails! Working in a salon does not have to be boring or dry… it can be super entertaining, therapeutic and just plain awesome. Let us rock your world and enjoy coming into work single every day.

I wake up at 7am every morning and cannot wait to open shop and blast some r&b/hip-hop or throwbacks (usher yeahhhh). So hand in your resume via email or swing by with your resume in person.