Rebecca Matzov

Acting Instructor


Rebecca Matzov is a local Vancouver Actor, a New Image Graduate, and holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Victoria. Her teaching philosophies revolve around bringing out what each actor offers as an individual. She believes that a complete performance integrates the actor with the character. How we move, how we speak and how we can either lend or bend those aspects to benefit the portrayal of a character.


Rebecca’s background is primarily based in theatre, and especially in applying Stanislavsky’s acting methods to create a natural performance that is based in the individuals actual experiences, and how they believe they would behave in imaginary circumstances. Rebecca is also a certified yoga teacher and although yoga may not be for everyone, she brings its philosophies of physical exploration, and mental relaxation to her teaching: a relaxed performer is a better actor.


These days Rebecca also works behind the scenes in Film and Television as a Production Coordinator and Short Film Producer, seeing projects through from an idea to an actual product gives her an immense insight into how the industry in Vancouver works.

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