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Airbrushing & Body Makeup

In ‘Airbrushing & Body Makeup’ you will use the human body as your canvas while you create glamorous looks and dazzling fantasies. You will learn beginner to advanced techniques in contouring and highlighting with emphasis on the body. You learn to understand how using shields, templates and stencils can transform the entire body. Combine all the techniques you’ve mastered to design a breathtaking body paint!

40 Hours
Airbrushing Makeup

In this course you will learn introductory airbrush techniques designed for beauty, concentrating on flawless foundation, contouring and highlighting. You will discover ways to use makeup that you never thought possible.

20 Hours
Career Development

In this course you will learn how to write a tailor-made resume for the specific job you are seeking. You will acquire interviewing skills through role-playing, learning to answer interview questions with poise and confidence. The importance of networking and social media presence will also be addressed.

20 Hours
Hair Design

A working knowledge of hair styling and design gives you a professional advantage as a makeup artist.

In this course, you will learn anatomy and science of hair, how to use styling tools and products, as well as a variety of techniques necessary to create the perfect hairstyle for your makeup designs.

60 Hours
High Fashion Runway

In this course you will be exposed to the high pressure world of runway makeup. Learn the ins and outs of fashion etiquette, terminology and how you fit into this exciting industry. Discover and discuss trend prediction, different houses of design and famous runway makeup artists.

20 Hours
Makeup & Photography Level 1

Whether you’re working in fashion or film, you need to understand how your work interacts with a camera. This course is the beginning of your in-depth learning of how light, cameras, makeup and post-production all fit together to create the stunning images you see in fashion magazines or on screens of all sizes.

40 Hours
Makeup & Photography Level 2

This module puts you right in the middle of intense energy of a magazine-style editorial photo-shoot… yours! You will be provided with one-on-one guidance every step of the way, from research to designing the makeup to creating the complete look, to preparing for the photo-shoot itself.

100 Hours
Makeup for Stage & Set

Theatrical Makeup presents unique artistic challenges allowing you to completely define a character with your brush. You will use highlight and shading to create the illusion of three-dimensional effects, as well as ‘sculpting’ with colour and sheen. makeup for set, whether TV or film, requires a very precise and subtle touch. You will create subtle transformations suitable for high-definition filming.

80 Hours
Makeup Fundamentals

Successful makeup professionals build their artistic skills on a strong foundation of technical knowledge. We put our students on the right track from the first day with a balance of theory and application.

You will learn about “why” we do what we do. Anatomy of the skin and face, colour theory, shape and proportions all influence the design of a successful makeup. We learn these subjects through study and practice, learning a concept then putting that concept in practice right away.

120 Hours
Photo Theory

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of the interactions between makeup and the camera.

This course is taught by a professional photographer, who will provide detailed insights into the inner workings of a camera, how a photograph is composed and the principles of digital editing for photography (as used in Photoshop).

40 Hours
Prosthetic Arts

Our prosthetic arts course is developed and constantly updated. You will learn the science and art of constructing film quality prosthetics effects completely hands-on. Everything you see, you will do.

In this course you will learn lifecasting, sculpting and mold-making, prosthetic painting and application, and 3D transfers. Character creation and development is an integral part of this course.

For your final project, you will take part in a group project to create an in depth character that will be shot by a professional photographer and be a continuation of your ongoing portfolio development.

280 Hours

As a group you will take part in a production of a short film. In this course, you will be given a script to breakdown, learn to develop the characters and design appropriate makeups.

You will attend a production meeting, be given a budget for makeup purchases and collaborate with the Acting Department to complete a short film that earns you an IMDB credit.

40 Hours
You will learn how to create minor and major special make-up effects for TV and film, instructed with the subtlety necessary to ensure onscreen realism. This module includes bruising, black eyes, scars, burns, blood, sweat, tears, scrapes, cuts, frostbite, gashes, road-rash, broken noses, bullet holes, facial hair, aging and bald cap application.
Special Makeup Effects Fundamentals

Three-dimensional effects are used extensively in film and television, but are seeing increased use in fashion. You will apply everything you have learned about colour and shape to transition into exotic or realistic 3D effects such as cuts, scrapes, burns and creating aged skin.

You will learn how to apply and paint bald caps, as well as lay fiber to create realistic hair, beards and fur.

80 Hours
Wedding Makeup

The Wedding industry is a busy, high-demand area of the makeup world. In addition to honing your makeup skills for many different wedding styles, you will learn a variety of business skills for managing your career.

20 Hours
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