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New Image College is excited to celebrate and congratulate the competed run of  of the iconic play “These Shining Lives”, which is written by Melanie Marnich and directed by our fantastic Peter Hanlon!

The play is based on the true life story of  four women who worked in a watch factory in Ottawa, Illinois. Centering around the dangers these woman faced in the workforce, including the lack of concern by companies for protecting the health of its employees.

The play stars our second year conservatory students who come from a multitude of countries around the world. All of which are, thrilled to be nearing the completion of our their 2-year Diploma Program. This class is now undertaking agency and casting sessions, as they gear up to enter Hollywood North. We are thrilled to celebrate and support these fine young actors. 
NIC cannot wait release big news on one of our recently graduated alumni, who just booked a lead role in a new TV show!