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Jessica Knudsen graduated from the Fashion & Film Makeup Design Program in September 2016, and the Cutting Edge Prosthetics Program in January 2017. Jessica believes New Image College has given her the foundation and skills she needs to achieve her career goals. Between working as a freelancer, consistently practicing and improving her skill, and applying her makeup artistry skills, Jessica has found time to start her own Prosthetic business, selling Bondo Transfers. She is now moving forward by creating silicone ears, teeth, and latex/silicone masks. Jessica defines herself as a “big nerd” who loves Cosplay and uses her creative side to improve her sewing skills and prop making for herself and friends. Jessica has a passion for creating everything by hand and is already moving towards her big dream career of having her “own costume/prop shop were I sell/make everything and anything anyone needs for their Cosplay, LARP, and Halloween costume. Also any props, costumes, and prosthetics any film or television set needs.”

Follow Jessica on Instagram @JessBunnyMakeup and visit her website www.jessbunnymakeup.com