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Min Lee has always had the dream of becoming a world-renown makeup artist. It was this dream that emboldened Lee to leave her home in Taiwan, to travel across the world, and join New Image College in Vancouver, Canada.

It was 2013 when Lee entered into NIC’s Co-op Fashion and Film Makeup Design program, she looked toward her childhood dream with clear focus and even more vigor. For the next 2-years of her life, Lee would dedicate herself to learning, to gaining experience anyway possible, and building connections that would be vital to her future career.

After graduation, Min Lee decided to take her experience and newly expanded techniques back home. It wouldn’t be long before Lee’s ability, and drive would raise her above her competitors. In Taiwan, Min Lee quickly gained a reputation as an extremely talented artist, passionate teacher and clear force to watch out for. Becoming a national celebrity through her Makeup Artist positions in some of the world’s leading fashion weeks, including the likes of the Dubai Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week, Lee has used this recognition as an opportunity to share her knowledge with others.

Over the past few years, Min Lee has launched her own private workshops in Taiwan, and she has been passing her knowledge and expertise onto the next generation. So New Image College is thrilled to be welcoming Lee back to the place where it all began, to have her share the incredible experience and knowledge with our current students. As NIC Alumni, we are proud to have you now return as an honoured guest speaker.

In addition to her makeup artistry, Lee is also an accomplished Columnist, Author, Color Theory Professor and has recently launched her own brand SEERSIS, which has began to gain traction as one of the hippest lines out of Asian Fashion Industry.

Min Lee is a name that will not soon be forgotten amongst NIC’s illustrious alumni. On the contrary, it will continue to gain recognition for the skill, class, and leadership it commands.