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New Image College film acting Conservatory program produces another successful play “Crazy Eights”directed by John Emmet Tracy and Co directed by Michelle Cyr.

As a part of the NIC summer Theatre Festival, The production was hilarious, the actors really owned their roles. The audiences laughed so hard they had tears rolling down their faces.

This first year acting project is the final test; The acting students are graded on commitment, imagination, professionalism, understanding of  text  and performance. They are required to use all the skills they have acquired throughout their first year of acting training.

This training provides the acting student with a clear understanding of how to serve both the story aswell as the style of the play. Most importantly, how  to be truly present in front of an audience or camera. It gives the acting student a true sense of accomplishment. A deeper confidence in themselves and their craft. Congratulations group 48.

Our graduates work!