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New Image Film Acting  Conservatory students have been busy on location, filming scenes at the NIC Film Centre! Why do we have students film themselves in a professional setting? Well, after filming, our team of instructors review the films and make notes. We then work with students by asking them questions such as: Would you  Read more ➝

New Image College Film Acting Conservatory Department head Philip Granger was in Tokyo Japan filming “The Great Budda Arrival”. He also visited with Kippei Shina and Tatsuya Fujiwara two of Japan’s most esteemed actors. Keppei invited Philip Granger to his play “The Rain Man” at the new National Theatre of Tokyo. Philip met Kippei while coaching him on a  Read more ➝

New Image  College  knows how to bring the TV Film acting and Make up community together .We have been doing it over and over again. NIC Acting alumnus and  Makeup Fashion & Film students join forces to make yet another fun and creative short film involving vampires, werewolves, pixies and sea creatures with our very own production house New Image Entertainment.  Read more ➝

New Image College film acting Conservatory program produces another successful play “Crazy Eights”directed by John Emmet Tracy and Co directed by Michelle Cyr. As a part of the NIC summer Theatre Festival, The production was hilarious, the actors really owned their roles. The audiences laughed so hard they had tears rolling down their faces. This  Read more ➝

New Image College’s very own Philip Granger was invited to the New National Theater of Tokyo to see a showing of The Rainman. It was an honor to have the head of the New Image College Acting Department invited to this screening, starring two of Japan’s top talents, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Kippei Shina. Kippei Shina was  Read more ➝