NIC Talks at New Image College

The NIC Talks tradition is host to some of North America’s most experienced mentors. Industry heavyweights who share their vast experience and wisdom with New Image College students and alumni. They reveal their insight, tricks of the trade and unique stories that have helped them achieve excellence in their fields.

The experience and knowledge put forth to all attendees to NIC Talks continues to bring out the passion and drive to pursue a career in the most exciting industries the world has ever seen.


Be part of the audience

Guest speakers come to New Image College to share their knowledge and experience. The symposium setting provides a very special occasion for everyone in the audience. Listen to the struggles and achievements of success to perform the craft that has produced inspiring, fulfilling and incredible careers.

NIC Talks are events that take place overlooking Vancouver‘s downtown college and business district. Each NIC Talk is presented in an environment where the guest speaker delivers their presentation within the Acting Conservatory or Makeup Studio.

The expert speakers and presenters come from professional careers that have shaped and inspired the industries that they are part of. Listen to insight and philosophy of someone who is a peer in their industry. Mathew Modine (actor, Full Metal Jacket, Batman: Dark Knight Rises), Rebecca Lee (makeup artist, X3, Life of Pi) and more have lit up their special event to audiences who have a chance to interact with a question period to end their talk or demonstration.

Students and alumni are always invited back into New Image College for these special events. Anyone who isn’t or hasn’t been a registered student can contact our front desk to inquire about attending. Contact Page