New Image College scores big at the 2017 Leo Awards! 


We are beyond proud and excited to announce that the first round of Leo Award winners has been announced. We are thrilled to say that our makeup Alumni, Megan Nicolson, our fantastic prosthetics instructor, Michelle Grady, and the incredible Ryan Nicholson have won a Leo Award for their amazing work on Dead Rising: Endgame!

After graduating from NIC Megan Nicolson hit the ground running. It wasn’t long before Megan began carving a name for herself in the makeup industry. With credits that included Grave Encounters 2, Arrow, Seed 2 and The Evil in Us, Megan was well on her way. Her positive attitude has always helped her persevere, constantly striving to become better, she is now a proud member of IATSE 891. Having recently completed work on Netflix’s “Van Helsing,” and “Altered Carbon,” we are confident that Megan’s amazing skills will lead to more truly incredible projects in the near future.

Michelle Grady has been a prosthetics teacher with New Image College since 2007. With a long list of horror credits on her resume Michelle has steadily proven herself to be one of the best prosthetic instructors in our industry. Grady has prepared and armed countless students with her extensive knowledge, and practical skills. Her Leo Award win is well-deserved, and a true testament to her ability as an artist.

When he isn’t working on a major studio production, NIC is proud to welcome Ryan Nicolson as a guest teacher. Ryan has developed one of the most impressive, and diverse resumes in the industry. With over 130 makeup credits to his name, on massive projects that include Blair Witch, Warecraft: the Begining, The Chronicles of Riddick and Supernatural. Ryan is much more than a makeup artist, he is also an accomplished film director, writer, and producer. His Leo Award win is another example of his immense talent, and incredible leadership. Ryan is truly a master at his craft.

NIC is overjoyed with the success of the awards thus far. We are very proud of makeup alumni Matty Lutz for his first nomination. We are excited for our acting graduate Dakota Daulby who be up for a Leo nomination on June 5th.

This past award season has been a great example of all the hard that our graduates dedicate to their crafts! Remember, our graduates work…. and win awards!