Natalie Pergar

Spa Teacher


Natalie Pergar born in Calgary, Alberta Canada brings 22 years of hands-on experience in the esthetic industry. Personally trained in Hungarian skin care techniques and herb usage by Hungarian Masters, Cosmetic Chemistry, Oncology Esthetics and Make-Up, Natalie has a passion for education, wellness and for teaching the secrets of achieving amazing skin, along with outstanding customer service and sales training.


Natalie regularly shares her extensive knowledge of skin care and organic solutions offering unparalleled expertise to train her fellow estheticians, trainers and customers around the world. Natalie is also the voice of education conducting in-depth product training for Eminence Organic Skin Care for the past 14 years. Natalie has contributed to multiple publications within the professional skin Care industry, and hosted multiple seminars including your very own NIC Talk!
Here is what people say about Natalie:

Natalie has taken me under her wing so to say. She has become like a mentor in terms of product knowledge, giving me feedback in my PK and giving me projects to help further my education along.
Natalie is an amazing role model and is always happy and positive.
I love her Sincere Respect for others and Passionate Dedication

Where did your passion come from?


The industry itself! There are multiple avenues and opportunities available to an Esthetician. My passion for education came from watching and learning from the lead educator from Clarin’s (French luxury skin care, cosmetics and Perfume Company) in the beginning of my esthetics carrier. I remember thinking to myself “I want to do what she does someday” and then I did!


What knowledge do you wish to impart on your students?


That being an Esthetician today brings great opportunity not only as a job, but also as a lifetime carrier. This profession is so much more than making people feel and look their best. I wish to share everything I can to grow their skills while incorporating industries secrets and tips I have accumulated throughout my 22yrs in the industry.


What style of a teacher do you feel you are?


Interactive, midful, passionate and present! I love to work along side my students and encouge shared learning. We always learn more when we work together and more minds are involed. Plus, I want my learner to have fun and enjoy the information they need to know to be successful!


What do you specialize in?


Ingredient knowledge, Skin, Customer Service and taking the fear out of Sales


What are some career highlights for you?


Though there are many great things that have happened over the years, I would say that having the opportunity to work as the International Trainer for Eminence Organic Skin Care, where I traveled to many countries educating and training Spa’s and Esthetician and discovering international trends and treatments resulting in growing business and inspiring others.


What are you doing currently?


Currently, I am the Senior Product Education Specialist and Lead Skin Trainer for Eminence Organic Skin Care and have been with them for the past 14 years.


What are your hopes for your students?


They are confidant with applying their knowledge and skills in the industry. I want them to feel proud and excited about their accomplishments and to get out there and do their best!


What is a good student in your opinion?


I really believe a good student has passion, meaning they want to be there to learn they also ask questions to better understand, willing to participate in group activates, be on time, being kind and respectful of other students and the teacher and follow through with assignments in a timely fashion


What do you feel has made you so successful in your field?


Staying humble and always willing to learn from others and the industry.


What drew you to want to teach at New Image?  


Being a trainer and educator for the industry has allowed me to work with many new estheticians and I found that I was inspired by their excitement and curiosity about everything Aesthetics. I am often asked to share my experience and lessons I have learned. New Image is a wonderful platform for me to now share my own dedication and learning with the students.

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