Makeup gig / Colaboration

Hi there,

I am a wedding videographer, have been filming weddings for 4 years. I am planning to start a new project and am currently looking for people to collaborate.

Before the 2018 wedding session begins, I would like to put together bi-weekly videos that features my video shoots. But I need models and MUHA in order to make it to work.

The models and MUHA will be getting an edited video, with interviews, as your portfolio.

Model 1 – Act as the host / reporter, to interview the MUHA and to break the ice. Host the rest of the shoot.
Model 2 – Act as the main subject, begin with the makeup session, followed by a few different indoor / outdoor / drone shoots.
MUHA – Apply makeup and hair styling to the model, prepare an outline of questions that you would like to be interviewed.

In a perfect world, if each of you have strong social media skills, that would be fantastic to help promoting each other.

This is an experimental project, more like to start for fun and see where it goes. So I am looking for participants with the same mindset to collaborate.

If you are interested in this experimental collaboration, please reply back with the following:
– which role are you looking for?
– if your role is a model, please provide a headshot (if any) and whether your skin is sensitive
– if your role is a MUHA, please provide a sample of your work (if any)
– which weekends will you be available?
– suggestion of locations (drone shoot location has to be non-no fly zone and non-restricted areas)

Send your Portfolio to: or call : ☎ (778) 889-4899

You can find my portfolio at