Makeup Department Success Story!

We would like to update you on what Izumi Hasegawa (Shimisu) from Japan is up to:
Izumi graduated from the Fashion and Film Diploma Program in 2006. She was an international student in Vancouver. Words from Izumi: “It was a very excellent experience for me. I love New Image College.
I would like to tell the prestige of your school to international students like me in Japan”, Now I work as a makeup therapist in Japan, and make people happy and positive as the makeup therapist with the skills I learned at New Image College. After graduating from New Image College, I learned The Iwai style makeup therapy which was established by Ms. Yumiko Iwai in Japan. The Iwai style makeup therapy theory is a type of cosmetic therapy”
That is amazing Izumi! We are so happy you are doing so well and making people feel more confident about themselves. Keep up the good work!
pic3_Izumipic1_Izumi (2)