Joshua Paquette just graduated and then his first audition he books…

Another New Image Acting Success Story: Joshua Paquette just graduated and then his first audition he books the lead in a Capilano University Film. Capilano University is known for their excellent films.
This is what Joshua has to say:~When you know exactly what you’re doing, acting is the most fun you’ll ever have!!!! – That is, if it’s your passion, of course.
The greatest thing about acting is being anyone, any personality, in any circumstance, and not be judged or labelled or identified in negative ways, and to have the freedom to do all of this.
Psychopathic? No problem. Hopeless romantic? Done. Abuser? Sure. So much freedom to access all of this, so much room to play, so many places to go!
My favourite roles are still the dangerous ones, and following after are the ones that show differences or handicaps in positive ways. CONGRATULATIONS JOSHUA!!!!