Vancouver’s Popular Film Acting Program

During the Film Acting Conservatory 2-year co-op program, you will be guided through a journey of self-exploration. We invite you to uncover your natural ability and utilize our award-winning technique to master the craft of film and television performing.

In each block, we will challenge you to grow as an artist, and prepare for the next course ahead, as each module intensifies and builds upon the latter. This is an inspiring and life-changing program, developing the skills necessary to carve out a long-lasting career in TV & film acting.

Specializing in on-camera performance for the world’s largest acting markets, Vancouver and Los Angeles, this limited capacity course will have you experiencing the entire scope of performing. Your education will range from live performance in theatre, to acting in an advanced on-camera film project.

Success Stories

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Film Acting Conservatory Co-Op

Being offered acceptance into this prestigious program provides you with the opportunity to train underneath our award-winning mentors. New Image College mentors come from a variety of education and experienced backgrounds, offering you the most dynamic film training in Canada.


In both years of this program, you will develop an ongoing calling card that can be utilized to promote yourself. This course will give you the opportunity to meet some of Vancouver’s top casting directors, agents, and industry professionals. Upon entering your one-year co-op program, you will be prepared to undertake opportunities in film, commercial and TV productions.

Meet Our Faculty

Train with tenured industry experts who have earned their chops with decades of experience, award winners and directors who are actively working in the industry of TV, film, makeup and spa all around the world.

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