Courses We Offer

Choose Your Course (Career)

*You can choose more than 1 course and do them together. So you make the best of your time.

*You can ask for flexible timings, so even if you work – you can still do the course – we’ll help you fit in.

  • Make-up Artist
  • Prosthetic Makeup Artist
  • Actor
  • Salon Spa Technician
  • Massage Expert
  • Fashion Film Makeup Expert
  • Avant Garde Makeup Artist
  • Director/Film Maker
  • Esthetician
  • Manicure Expert
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Spa Technician
  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Technician

We have our own job board too, where you can see latest job openings!!

Why New Image College?

  • Established 30+ years back, New Image College is one of the most renowned & trusted fashion schools in Vancouver, Canada and across the world.
  • Our faculty is among the most talented and respected and our alumni (ex-students) who are doing so well, showcase our success.
  • Click here to see our Accreditations, see for yourself that we are committed to meet or exceed quality assurance standards in all spheres.
  • We have a very practical approach to running the courses, which are customized keeping you (students) in mind.
  • So if you have the passion, we are going to make sure you achieve what you want to.

Why choose Vancouver over other cities?

If you need to spend a couple of months/years to complete a course of your choice, it’s natural for you to first decide which city to go to. We have tried here to help you make a decision – ideally what work best for you.

  • Top global research agencies have put Vancouver among the healthiest and most preferred cities to live and work in, across the globe. Being in a healthy and fitter environment will also help you learn better.
  • And diverse food availability means, you’ll not miss out on your favorite delicacies.
  • Very friendly transportation system and some great places around to visit – making the course one of your most memorable for life.
  • Even the cost of living is reasonable, so you it’ll not be very costly.
  • Vancouver has a cultural mix of people from around the globe.
  • There are families who’ve come from US, Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, China, Russia, India, Germany, South Korea, to name a few. Any country you are from, most likely you are going into bump into someone from there (lol).

So no way are you going to feel away from home.

Fees & Finance Options (handy to talk about it here)

  • Our fee structure is pretty reasonable as compared to the other fashion schools. But we do not compromise on quality even if it means more cost to us. We want to compete on value and not on price. That’s New Image for you.
  • The best for you is to speak directly to one of our expert Program Advisor. You’ll get to know the exact fee break-up & also the finance options available.
  • At times, we’ve seen that even the students are not sure what all assistance/help they can get. So speak to our Advisors and see all your queries taken care of one by one.
  • We assure you that after the call you’ll be able to take a well-informed decision. Call Toll Free: 1 (866) 354-6243