Faculty: Makeup Artistry

Keely Anderson:
Program Instructor

Few can match the love of artistry that New Image College’s head instructor, Keely Anderson possesses; and it is a love she has had since she was a child. “I use to collect Vogue Magazines. Vogue magazines from all over the world. Seeing the transformation of what they could do… it was breathtaking”.
Keely made her own transformation from a business management major to the makeup industry in 1999, “Everyone thought I was crazy. They all said it wasn’t career where you could make a living in”.

Immediately after graduation Keely was picked up by an effects shop ” I’ve always loved both sides of the industry. I just enjoy making people feel good about themselves regardless of the medium I’m working in”. It is her natural warmth and desire to nurture that has earned Keely her position as our head instructor; having started her journey with New Image College in 2007.

Keely has worked extensively in commercial and print work and understands both sides, “I’ve worked both for others and myself. It’s given me an immense understanding of this industry as a whole”.  Keely opened up her own freelance beauty business in 2010 called Glossed Studios, which specializes in using environmentally friendly products for private events as well as fashion and commercial print work.

“It’s an amazing industry. Not many people can say that their job takes them around the world”. Keely and her husband traveled Southeast Asia for four years, bouncing from city to city as Keely worked with numerous international designers, makeup artists and models. ” In that time I learned that every makeup artist has their own technique. No two artists will ever be the same, and they never should be. Artists are unique, and that is a philosophy that I embrace every day when I teach”.

With Keely’s hands-on, approachable but yet detailed eye she will guide you into the incredible world of the makeup industry.  “I remember I was doing a life insurance commercial. We were on the top of this massive cliff and I had to go out and do touch-ups on our actress that was right on the edge of it. I’m terrified of heights so I’ll never forget that”.

Keely is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement and joy. She is a proud and dedicated member of our team and we believe our students are honored with her presence in the classroom, “I hope when our students leave our campus and begin their own careers that they have the confidence and drive to know that they need integrity. Everything we do requires integrity”.

Rebecca Lee:
Makeup Instructor

The name Rebecca Lee is synonymous with the Vancouver makeup industry; with a career that began 24 years ago at the University of British Columbia “While I was studying acting I learned how to apply make-up and began a four year apprenticeship with top theatre professionals”.

“I have always been interested in the appreciation of beauty and makeup. It is an area where you can express that appreciation through creativity”. Rebecca has had an impressive career in film and television. She has worked on such Hollywood blockbusters as Life of Pi, Watchmen, X-Men: The Last Stand and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. In television, Rebecca has keyed primetime emmy nominated shows as Caprica, SGU Stargate Universe and currently works as the key makeup artist for the Canadian Screen Award winning show, Motive.

“This industry has brought me around the world and I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented people”. Rebecca has worked with such established actors and directors as Emma Thompson, Louis Ferreira, Robert Carlyle, Bradley Cooper, Cory Monteith, Zach Galifianakis, Ang Lee and Zack Snyder.
Rebecca earned her own Primetime Emmy win in 2007 for outstanding makeup in a miniseries for her work in “Tin Man” with Zooey Deschanel. Her other accomplishments include winning a Leo Award and getting nominated for a Gemini Award for her work in Staregate Universe, being nominated for a Leo Award for her work in Eve of Destruction and being invited to sit on the jury for the Canadian Screen Awards.

Ryan Nicolson:
Program Instructor

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, he began working his career in the makeup industry in 1985 on iconic shows like Tales from the Crib, The Outer Limits and Stargate SG-1.

Ryan would soon find his niche inside the incredible world of makeup effects and fabrication. His natural talent for all things gore, would land him part of productions like the Cold Squad, Affliction starring Nick Nolte, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven and Da Vinci’s Inquest, starring Nicholas Campbell.

Ryan’s career would soon begin to snowball, working on Hollywood blockbusters like The 13th Warrior, Mission to Mars, Final Destination, Scary Movie and Camouflage. In the coming years he would continue to build a name for himself in Vancouver and LA.

“When I am working with a class, my goal is to give our students a full rounded understanding of the curriculum as well as the industry. When they leave our doors I want them to have a realistic expectation of the hard work that is required to be successful”.

Successful is a word that would accurately describe Ryan Nicholson. He is a full IATSE 891 member, and a man that brings practical understanding and techniques into the classroom. Techniques that he has honed as a makeup effects artist on the X-Files Reboot, as the effects designer on the reboot of the 1976 TV series, The Adventures of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, and as an effects artists on the soon to be released fantasy epic, Warcraft.

Anakara Eden:
Makeup Instructor

Never lose the passion for what you love to do is the philosophy of Ankara Eden, a member of IATSE 891, and one of New Image College’s most senior makeup instructors.

I have always been a very visual person, and have been passionate about art and makeup from my early teen years, and continue to be inspired by colour and design.
Dedication is an accurate word to describe this gifted industry force. With over 20 years experience in the fashion, beauty, and film industry, Ankara has lived and worked in Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Japan and Hong Kong.

Her impressive list of accomplishments is far from over. She has contributed to numerous editorial pages in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, fashion shows, advertising campaigns, and worked as a part of the team for productions on Battlestar Galactica, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Santa Claus 2, and Un-Real.

Our goal at the college is to ensure that when graduates leave our doors they are well prepared for the industry – competent, confident artists, with an understanding of the business side of the industry.

When Ankara isn’t sharing her wealth pf knowledge and experience with fortunate New Image College makeup students, she continues to work abroad in print advertising, TV and film.

It is a privilege to work alongside passionate and talented artists here at the college. I have seen the dedication of my peers – ensuring students have every opportunity to reach for their potential as artists.

Shimon Karmel:
Program Director, Senior Academic Advisor

If you are a professional makeup artist in Vancouver, then the chances are you have heard of Shimon Karmel. Shimon is one of Vancouver’s most sought-after editorial photographers with a resume that spans over 10 years.

“I became a photographer because I wanted to work independently and create my own body of work.”

With a such a unique style and professional portfolio that boast pieces that ran in Rolling Stones Magazine and Decibel Magazine you would assume Shimon has been practicing photography since he was a child, “When I was 21, living in Toronto trying to pursue an acting career I had an epiphany, I knew as a photographer I would work and live the style of life I wanted”.

Shimon’s diverse skill set spans from shooting actor head shots, editorial pieces, band covers and even directing. “I have been fortunate in my career to not be limited to the conventional style of photography”. In fact, the word conventional doesn’t even begin to describe the shutter on Shimon’s camera. His unique style has gained him notoriety throughout North America, earning him the prestigious Applied Arts Award in 2014. “It has been an incredible journey, and a journey that I am now able to share with my students”. Shimon brings his hands-on, energetic but no nonsense style of teaching to the classroom.

“Our goal is to give NIC students the knowledge and understanding to be the best photographers possible. At the end of the day, we teach, so you can work. And you have to have a good portfolio to do that, period.”

Other career highlights include directing a series of documentaries for Converse that aired nationally in the States. “I have become successful because of my persistence. Of not giving up. Each day I work away, slowly but surely and you will see that success happens”.

When New Image’s makeup students aren’t being guided by Shimon’s wealth of experience and knowledge in our classrooms, he is busy shooting Vancouver’s rising stars and producing a three series portrait exhibit, showcasing Vancouver’s world renown actors, comedians and heavy metal artists.

“Teaching is my give back. It allows me to impart my knowledge on our industries next generation of talent”.

Tanya Yeats:
Makeup Instructor

Millions were inspired around the globe by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. Young children would sit at home and idolize the pop sensation, mimicking his every move and lyric. Tanya Yeats’ adolescent obsession was equal in measure, though she was fixated on an entirely different aspect of the video… the werewolves.

“I remember thinking how incredible the makeup was. The minute I saw it I wanted to know everything about it.”

As life would have it, Tanya’s desire to be a makeup artist and hair stylist was not what brought her to Vancouver “I came to Van to be an actor”. She decided to study the craft as a way to make her a more dimensional performer, but after graduating at the top of her class her passion had changed. At the age of 21, Tanya would book her first union gig on a film called, “Spiral Staircase”. It would be the beginning of a career that would span over 16 years. “I feel so blessed to have been able to have a career in both fields, makeup and hair”.

Tanya, who is a full member with IATSE 891 and a permittee with ACFC West local 20/20 has an impressive resume that includes notable shows as Merlin’s Apprentice, The 100, Once Upon a Time, Cedar Cove and most recently the T.V show which is based off the Oscar nominated film with the same name, “Minority Report”, starring Meagan Good.

“I am in a position where I can chose more interesting and out of the box shows”.

It is a position that has required years of dedication, skill and passion in an industry she calls home.

“It has been so cool for me to take things I see on set and bring them into the classroom for our students to learn. All the looks we are working on in class at the moment, were at one point used in ‘Minority Report'”.

Tanya brings an immense wealth of knowledge and on set experience into the classroom on a daily basis. She works hard to develop makeup artists that have the capability to understand both fields, capabilities that make our students diverse and valuable assets to the film community.

“The reason I teach, is for that moment when you see a student break through their challenges and finally understand it. That split second of realization. That’s why I do my job”. Tanya’s veteran teaching experiences and laid back demeanor will nurture your creativity in the classroom. “I want our students to find success. We are always looking for talented people.”

Gideon Hay:
Makeup Instructor

Not many sculptures can say that the first sculpt they ever made was in the original series, The X Files. But, like we said, not many, except New Image College’s sculpting expert Gideon Hay.

Gideon was raised in BC and found his love for the messy art by idolizing the likes of stop-motion creature, and all around makeup icon Ray Harryhausen “I actually got to meet him on the set of Deep Rising. I’d been watching his films since I was a kid, Jason and the Argonauts, it’s what made we want to become a makeup artist”.

Gideon started playing around with sculpting toward the end of high school, soon after enrolled into Emily Carr “Then one day I just decided I wanted to move to L.A”. Gideon packed up his things and moved to the Golden State, soon find himself learning sculpting techniques from Prime-time Emmy award winner Michael Key. “It’s what got me started into making creatures”.

Gideon shortly returned to his native Vancouver and began working on film and television shows like Reboot, Final Destination 2, Scary Movie 3, Chronicles of Riddick, X-Men: The Last Stand, Snakes on a Plane and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. “It all just began to snowball”.

And snowball it has; Gideon has worked on dozens of iconic TV and film productions, working with the likes of Vin Diesel, the Wayans brothers and Nicholas Cage, “In the film the Wickerman, when Cage is holding the burnt doll… it’s kind of funny cause the scene has become iconic for being so bad, but I actually made that doll”.

As a full IATSE 891 member for scenic building and sculpting Gideon understands that you must constantly be developing your artistic eye “I have always learned so much from just watching and observing”.

When Gideon finds time from his busy schedule working on studio projects like Star Trek and the The X Files reboot he is in our classrooms training our students, “We want students that aren’t afraid to be open and take advice and critique. You have to always be willing to change and improve”.

Gideon’s mellow and friendly attitude, mixed with years of onset and in shop experience makes him the perfect mentor for new and experienced sculptures, “A lot of the students become uptight. They don’t think they are good artists or can become good artists. I like to be someone who helps them draw their natural abilities out of them. This doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating”.

As a veteran teacher with New Image College, Gideon brings his real-world experiences with him everyday he steps into the classroom “Even though I’m the teacher, I am constantly learning from my students. They bring fresh ideas everyday, and it’s a fantastic place for both teacher and student to learn”.

Joel Rasso:
Makeup Instructor

Born and raised as a only child in Mexico City, Joel Rasso began working with building materials at the age of ten “I would build houses with my grandfather in Cancun”. It is a beginning that would eventually lead Joel to the art of special effects.

“I would draw cartoons as a kid. I was all by myself, all I had was my art”. Joel began training for an incredible field of artistic exploration decades before he even knew it “Through my work with grandfather I become comfortable with tools. I learned to be strong but also delicate with materials. These were skills that became the bases of my effects training”.

Joel graduated with top marks from our Makeup for TV and Film Conservatory Program, demonstrating to the faculty of New Image his incredible understanding of the skill required to succeed since the beginning.

“He was so naturally gifted, we just had to have him back” says Amber Downing (Senior Academic Officer).

“I have always loved sharing knowledge. In Mexico I was an art teacher. Now in Canada, I’m a painter, sculpture, finishing carpenter, custom mold finisher and many more. I have such a desire to learn and master it all”.

Joel has consistently showed an immense understanding of effects that surpasses his young age and the skill of many industry veterans. In 2014 Joel was hired to develop and great the one of kind Phrike Film Fest ‘Goblin Award’. The award was distributed to 13 different award winners from across Canada during the annual Vancouver based horror festival.

“When teaching you can’t ever expect someone to do something the same as you. Just because you do something a different way doesn’t mean you are wrong, it just means you learn a different way”.

Joel’s calm approach to his teaching will draw artistic ability out of you that you never thought you had. He is a young, vibrant and passionate artist that will regard your artistic spirit with substance and warmth “You are here because you love to do this. You want to be a makeup artist. The problem is people can forget the drive that brought to us. We will always remind you of that drive”.

Matt Lutz:
Makeup Instructor

For New Image top graduate Matt Lutz, it was Halloween that was the best time of year “Halloween was always a huge deal. It was my doorway into the another world”.

It was a natural interest and ability from a young age to create creature makeup that has made Matt one of New Image College’s most successful graduates.

As of 2013 Matt returned to our campus as an instructor to help mold the next batch of industry professionals “I like to impart information on people. I love to learn myself and love sharing that knowledge. Every trick or tip you get will only help you in your life”.

“At my time at New Image as a student I realized how important training was. If you want to work professionally and in a shop you have to have an education now a days”.

It is an education that has served Matt well as he was immediately scooped up by Vancouver based effects shop Lindala Schminkin. “I started working for them and doing whatever gigs I could to build my resume”.

Matt has keyed dozens of short features, web series, and independent features “I like to put myself in an uncomfortable position to challenge myself. I want to constantly work with better caliber professionals to challenge myself and grow as an artist”.

Now working full time at Lindala Schminkin, developing and applying prosthetic pieces for long running Emmy nominated “Supernatural” and ABC fantasy show “Once Upon a Time”. Matt also works freelance on gigs like the famed CW show “The 100”. When Matt doesn’t find himself on set or in the shop, Matt spends his days our students at our own shop.
“I always tell my students that they want to be the people that aren’t afraid to get dirty. Effects is a hot, heavy and labor intensive job with a payout that is amazing. To see your work on screen is the most rewarding result”.

Matt brings a hands-on and student orientated method to his teaching that has made him a valuable member of our team “I want our students to stay focused. People tend to think school is tough, but once you graduate is when it gets tough. You need a great work ethic and support… The ethic is something you need to build on your own, the support, that’s something we give you”.

April Beer:
Makeup Instructor

“There are always more than one way to do something, and your answer has to be… Yes!! I can do that!” shouts the vibrant and bubbly personality that is April Beer.

April is key member of the New Image College’s makeup team and adds a young, energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere to our classrooms that all our students love. But don’t let her stature and teenage like enthusiasm fool you, April is a talented and skilled artist that has been nominated for two Leo Awards and has a resume that stretches longer than her.

Her love for the industry, like many, came from movies as a child “My first exposure to makeup was from the character Tin Man in the film Wizard of Oz. I used to watch the whole movie, all the way to the special features just to see how they did the makeup”.

One of her biggest accomplishments was traveling across India for three months while shooting the big budget Punjabi film, “Hiimmat Singh”. “I was only one of the two non-Indian crew members on the film. I got to see the world and experience the culture”.

When April isn’t traveling abroad doing everything from freelance work, to big budgets, all the way to indie’s as a permittee with ACFC, April is in the classroom teaching our students, “We teach students who aren’t afraid to try new things and go out of their comfort zones. We want our students to discover their full potential”.

If there’s a reason behind April’s success, it would have to be her love of helping others, “I am excited to come to work everyday and guide these artists as they begin their journey. And what better way to begin a journey, then in a school that basis itself of success their students. When you’re at New Image, it’s about you. We’re here to make you the best you can be.”

Jacqueline Parker:
Program Instructor

Jacqueline Parker is a Certified Makeup Artist, Green Beauty Expert and the creator of Beauty Reawakened. After working in the film and fashion industry in Vancouver and New York City, Jacqueline felt that there was more to her career than simply applying makeup.

Through her own personal journey, Jacqueline discovered her authentic beauty and no longer felt the need to cover it up with layers of makeup products, let alone toxic chemicals.

Through Beauty Reawakened, Jacqueline helps women achieve a healthy, sustainable and beautiful life by revolutionizing the way they view their own beauty. With a passion for honesty, choice and power, Beauty Reawakened educates women about their right to knowing and understanding the beauty products they are using everyday. Jacqueline offers makeup services and programs in Vancouver Canada as well as online education.

Madison Mah:
Program Instructor

Madison is a freelance makeup artist based out of Vancouver, B.C., specializing in beauty, fashion, special effects, film and shop work. She began at age fourteen in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, when she started to apprentice under a makeup artist at a model and talent agency.

With over five years of experience as a beauty makeup artist, her work can be seen around the world in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Obscure Magazine, and Rebelicious Magazine.

To expand her knowledge and skills, she attended the Vancouver Film School’s Makeup Design for Film and Television program. After completing the course she started her film career at Vancouver-based special effects shop WCT Productions. Madison has placed second at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Battle of the Brushes prosthetic competition in London, England in 2015. Madison loves every aspect of makeup and continue to expand her repertoire in beauty, weddings, fashion, film, shop and special effects.