Faculty: Acting Conservatory

Philip Granger:
Program Director, Senior Academic Officer, Artistic Director

“When you watch someone’s performance, it should be understood in any language spoken around the world” – Phil Granger. Senior Academic Officer

You would be hard placed not to find an actor, writer, director or producer in Vancouver that hasn’t worked with Phil Granger on one project or another. With a resume that boast over a hundred acting credits, thirty producing and fifteen directing credits, Phil is one of the most established actors in the Vancouver film community.

With a California drawl, and southern sense of charm and warmth, Phil Granger aka “Philly G” is the perfect mentor for actors beginning their journey into Vancouver’s immense acting landscape.

He holds an impressive resume that includes titles like AMC’s thriller, The Killing, Rogue, Eli Craig’s Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Caprica, V, Comforting Skin, Southern Justice, Walter Hill’s Broken Trail starring Robert Duvall, Steven Spielberg’s Taken, and the critically acclaimed film, The Paper Moon Affair, for which Phil was nominated for a Leo in the category of best supporting actor.
Phil is also the distinguished recipient of a Gemini Award and two Hollywood Drama Logue Awards. On stage, Phil has starred in or produced over fifty plays, including the original production, The Final, which he had developed along with Bruce Mckintosh in their own private theatre company, The Naked Stage, in Los Angeles. Phil would later receive the Hollywood Drama Logue Award for best lead actor for his work in the production.

Phil had began his acting training almost forty years ago, training under the legendary Stella Adler at Yale University. For the next ten years, Phil would go on to continue his schooling with such pillars of the art like Robert Lewis, George Shadanoff, and Peggy Fury.

Phil Granger has been recognized by the Governor General of Canada for his contribution to the arts.

He is a man who is constantly involved in the business and understands the commitment required by young actors to succeed. “We teach a program that develops actors that work. We only take actors that want to work. And in order to work you must have commitment, drive and a desire to learn. If you bring those three things every day when you step into our classrooms, I promise you that we will give you the rest.

Lochlyn Munro:
New Image College Partner, Acting Instructor

Lochlyn Munro started his acting career after a serious sports injury ended his dream of playing professional hockey. A talented musician, Lochlyn turned his attention to the performing arts. While playing music in various clubs around Vancouver, British Columbia, Lochlyn studied drama and improvisational comedy with many of the industry’s top professionals, including the late Susan Strasberg. Having done a lot of stage work, Lochlyn then jumped into the television and film world with instant success. Lochlyn landed roles on various American projects such as, 21 Jump Street (1987), Wiseguy (1987), and others.

After numerous guest roles and leads on TV shows and Films, Lochlyn landed a role in Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven (1992). He has gone on to show tremendous range throughout his acting career by creating memorable characters in such films as Dead Man on Campus (1998), A Night at the Roxbury (1998), and Scary Movie (2000). Lochlyn will always remain one to watch in Hollywood as his career continues to follow a bright path.

John Emmet Tracey:
Acting Instructor

Originally from Chicago, John was raised in both Chicago and Milwaukee. As a child, he was drawn to acting by an early love for storytelling. He formed his first theatrical partnership at the age of seven with his sister Kristin, and the duo became famous throughout their basement for vaudevillian cabaret shows. As a solo artist, John’s early theatrical renown came with performances in such roles as a Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria in his second grade tooth decay pageant, a riveting turn as Mr. History Book, and eventually as a Tree, for which he was critically acclaimed for his stillness.

Expanding this early repertoire, John has since performed in more than eighty stage productions and over sixty film and television productions. He has performed on stages throughout the world, including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, where he was selected as a company member of the Globe’s International Actors’ Fellowship, and in Japan, where he toured as the title role in Hamlet. He is the recipient of the 2013 Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance by and Actor in a Lead Role for his work in Pi Theatre’s production of Terminus. John is also the creator of The 24 Hour Shakespeare Project, for which he performed continuously for 24 straight hours in all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays to raise money for British Columbia Children’s Hospital.

He has performed lead and supporting roles in many films and network television shows, and is best known for his role as series regular Pallas on the Syfy Channel’s Olympus. Other credits include Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, The Killing, Continuum, Sanctuary, Psych, Fairly Legal, The Dead Zone, If I Stay and American Mary among others. Additionally, he portrayed Thomas Jefferson in Assassin’s Creed III, the third installment of the multiple award winning and critically acclaimed video game series.

He has appeared in multiple commercials, music videos and voiceovers (video game, narration, radio), and in over fifty productions as an on-air reporter, host and interviewer. Additionally, John has over fifteen years’ experience teaching acting, scene study and improvisation. He has taught in many schools, studios and conservatory programs and as an individual acting coach to both students and professionals.

John received his education and training at Rose Bruford College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, as well as at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York. Additionally, John has studied under many renowned master teachers including Uta Hagen, Edward Albee, Lynne Redgrave, Madeleine Sherwood and Casey Kizziah.

In a lifetime as an actor, John’s passion for storytelling has continued to grow alongside his love for creative collaboration. His greatest rewards come from the collaborations he shares with artists, designers and technicians, and with the audiences who have shared in the storytelling experience. He has lived and worked in many parts of the world and is currently based in British Columbia, Canada, where he lives with his wife and their two children.

Peter Hanlon:
Acting Instructor

Peter Hanlon’s career as a professional actor spans over three and a half decades. He began his career in 1969 by appearing in guests spots on The Rovers, Division 4, Catwalk and Homicide. Hanlon soon began to garnish an impressive resume.

He gained international recognition by portraying the iconic suicidal teacher in the top grossing film of 2000, Scary Movie. Hanlon has appeared in recurring characters on the L-Word, X-Files, Millennium and So-Weird.

Peter’s speciality in the classroom is clarity, posture and verbiage “I find it is incredibly important for an actor, whether professional or just starting out to be specific with one’s intention. We are specific and understand exactly what we want in life, we must learn to duplicate that on stage or for the camera. I teach our students to bring a strong level of clarity to the work that they produce”.

One can also see Hanlon’s work in 21 Jump Street, Behind the Camera: Mork & Mindy, The Unsaid, Psych, Supernatural and The Killing. Peter has worked with industry heavyweights such as The Wayan Brothers, Andy Garcia, Benicio Del Toro, Ed Asner and Rodney Dangerfield.

Hanlon has emerged as one of Vancouver’s most sought after acting coaches. His strength being his incredible ability to open up students to the possibilities that lie before them; drawing out the courage and skill to hone the natural talents they never thought they had within them.

Peter is a passionate, energetic and caring member of the New Image College acting team. Three qualities that have made him one of our most beloved members.

Zahf Paroo:
Acting Instructor

Zahf Paroo has been working as professional actor, host, voice-over and sketch comedy artist since 1995.

His versatility and range have allowed him to play all character types over the span of his film career, from devout religious astronauts to a 4-armed blue skinned evil witch, to corporate sharks to flamboyant, fresh-off-the-boat hairdressers.

Zahf graduated with honors from the Theatre Arts Program at Mount Royal University, and moved to Vancouver, BC where he thrived until his move to Los Angeles.

Through his long and diverse career Zahf has worked with some truly amazing actors while honing his craft. He’s had the opportunity to work in Sci-fi (Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Gallactica, Fringe, Andromeda, Continuum, Defying Gravity) as well as working in comedy (Scary Movie, The Big Year, Psych, A Guy Thing, Say it isn’t So, Scooby Doo 2, Package Deal). He has also enjoyed a dramatic career (Edgemont -The Next Generation, Firewall, Motive) and most most recently, broken into the fantasy realm in Seventh Son as the beastly, blue-skinned, four-armed “King of Swords” ‘Virahadra’.

Zahf is also an accomplished theatre performer, and among his many theatrical roles, spent a year on Broadway, in the original cast production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Bombay Dreams”. Zahf’s role included playing an astounding 14 characters in the production.

In his personal life, Zahf is an avid ‘foodie’ and sneaker collector. He loves diversity in music, fashion and entertainment. He was married in 2012 and loves his time spent also working as a teacher, playwright and director.

Raugi Yu:
Acting Instructor

In the late 1990s, Yu began appearing on television. In 1998 he appeared in one episode of The Sentinel. In 2001, he was the voice of the Cook in several episodes of the PBS children’s animated series, Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat and also in an episode of Dark Angel. From 2002 – 2004, he appeared in three episodes of Da Vinci’s Inquest. He was seen in one episode of Gather Up Little People episodes of Dead Like Me in 2003, two episodes of The Dead Zone in 2003 and 2004, as well as playing the Chinese son in the film Spook in 2003.

In 2005, he also supplied the voice of Wendy’s Butler in an episode of the animated series The Cramp Twins. He is also friends with Selene Rose – notable member of UBC Improv of Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 2006, Yu appeared in the television shows Intelligence, and Masters Of Horror. In 2007 he played Dennis in When a Man Falls in the Forest and Wayne Kwan in an episode of Eureka. Most recently, Yu was seen as Kam Fong on the series JPod.

Yu was part of the recurring cast for Mr. Young.

During his early acting years, Yu was seen in several theatre productions, which soon grew into his film and television work.

For several years, during the 90s and early 2000s, Yu was an actor at Bard On The Beach in Vancouver, where he now continues to be an acting coach.

In 2002, Yu portrayed The King Of Siam in Theatre Under The Star’s theatre production of The King And I.

In the spring of 2008, Yu directed The Odd Couple for the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre company.

As of 2010-2011, Raugi teaches acting courses at New Image College of Fine Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also teaches the summer Young Shakespearian program which Bard puts on every year for youth ages eight to eighteen.

Josette Jorge:
Acting Instructor

Josette began acting at the young age of 4 when her parents put her into theatre classes in order to get over her shyness. Through the art of acting she discovered her ability to make people laugh, the freedom to express herself, and the permission to be seen. Since then, she has never stopped performing and continued her training all the way to college where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Performance at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

Today, she is no longer afraid of the spotlight and is gaining lots of recognition internationally as a versatile actress in both the theatre and film scenes. Josette was recently nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for her critically-acclaimed work in Solo Collective’s Play With Monsters. The Delta Leader celebrated her success by naming her among the “Top 30 Under 30” in the city of Delta. Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre awarded her a place in their “Walk of Fame”. It is no surprise that Josette is featured in The Georgia Straight’s 2013 Fall Arts Preview as Vancouver’s hottest new talent to look out for.

In Spring 2015, Josette will be featured as a series regular on YTV’s newest family sitcom The Stanley Dynamic.

Josette has many other TV credits under her belt including guest appearances on YTV’s Mr. Young, SyFy’s Continuum, ABC’s Motive, CBC’s Arctic Air, Nickelodeon’s The Troop, and SyFY’s Stargate: Universe (For which she was named among the “Top 25 Sexiest Female Stargate Characters”) She has been in several Canadian films, most recently Bill, Please which has won a collection of festival awards world-wide.

Out of all her film and theatre credits, her favorite thus far has been Microsoft’s DO or DIE Challenge. Out of over 75,000 competitors, Josette was the winner a Survivor-style competition sponsored by Microsoft Windows Canada. For 10 days straight, she had to survive in Portugal with no food, shelter or money – just her laptop and her wit! Josette accomplished this challenging task through her creative and hilarious YouTube videos and her unique ability to build a report with strangers in person as well as via social media. (So much for being shy!)

Critics often comment on Josette’s “authentic and vulnerable” work both on stage and screen. She attributes this to her quiet, shy, and sensitive demeanor as a child. Once thought of as a disadvantage, she now embraces her sensitivity and channels it into her art. Not only does this make her a “tour-de-force” to watch, it allows her to put her unique talents into her other passion – teaching acting to children (and the young at heart).

Eugene Lipinski:
Acting Instructor

Few can ignore the presence and respect for the art that New Image College’s Eugene Lipinski demands.

Eugene began his career as an actor at the age of 12 in Regina, Saskatchewan, appearing in local amateur theatre. It was on the stage, where Eugene is sighted as developing his love for the art.

After high school Eugene would attend the University of Regina, but would soon find himself returning to his native England to train at the Royal Academy of Arts, as well as the Drama Studio London.

After graduating Eugene would travel throughout London, performing in dozens of plays and early film work. He would return to North America as his film career began to take off and he soon began performing in such films as Superman II, the Oscar nominated Outland, starring Sean Connery and Peter Boyle, Shock Treatment, and Firefox, which Clint Eastwood both starred in and directed.

Eugene would gain international recognition by starring in the psychological thriller, Moonlighting alongside Jeremy Irons. Lipinski would go on to work with such iconic actors as Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in Sophie’s Choice. Four years later, Eugene would star alongside Dennis Hopper and Michael J. Pollard in, The American Way.

The next decade would see Eugene be a part of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Affliction starring Nick Nolte, Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within starring Timothy Hutton, Water Damage starring Daniel Baldwin, Mail to the Chief starring Randy Quaid and The Recruit starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. In addition to a long list of impressive film credits, Eugene has starred in such shows as Animorphs, Da Vinci’s City Hall and Intelligence, both by legendary creator Chris Haddock. You can see Eugene in recurring characters on the Syfy channel miniseries Alice, JJ Abrams’ Fringe, CW’s Arrow, and the soon to be released The Romeo Section.

Few can match the impressive and immense size of career that Eugene Lipinski has had. He is a man who understands the business both as an actor and writer, having won a Genie award for best original screenplay for his film Perfectly Normal.

“I love what I do. I enjoy every minute of it. I also love sharing my experiences with the young and upcoming generations of actors that we have come through New Image. It’s amazing to be a part of their growth, and to see them truly transform through the program we teach”.

Richard Keats:
Acting Instructor

Richard Keats began his professional career as an actor and stand-up comic some 31 years ago; appearing in sketch comedy shows like, Not Necessarily the News, starring Anne Bloom and Lucy Webb, and more dramatic shows like, Santa Barbara, starring A Martinez.

Richard gained a B.A. from the University of California, Irvine where he first studied acting under the tutelage of Robert Cohen. Richard has stated Cohen’s book “Acting Power” has played a major influence in his career, and on his method of teaching.

From there Richard studied with many of Hollywood’s most prestigious and successful teachers. Through his studies Keats has gleaned, honed, and put into practice a comprehensive methodology for Actors, Toastmasters, Comedians, Teachers, Athletes, and all other speakers at large.

“How many times after a performance, have you said to yourself, I WISH I COULD JUST BE ME! That’s what I call ‘The Gap’! It’s the gulf between the performance you imagined giving and the one you actually give”.

Keats began his journey with New Image in 2012, having guided and mentored some of our most successful students into success, “I’ve been a professional actor for decades and have been influenced by some of the best acting teachers in North America. I’ve experienced that there is no one method that serves as a cure-all for the challenges of the performance”.

In recent years, Richard has worked on some of the most successful T.V series; with guest star spots on Continuum, Motive, Rogue, Backstrom, Fringe, Psych and Supernatural. In addition to this, Keats has recurring characters on Smallville, Fairly Legal and CW’s superhero epic, Arrow.

“It is my goal as an instructor at New Image is to seek out the best method the serves each students, and help that student become the best performer on stage and in screen that they can be”.

William MacDonald:
Acting Instructor

William has over 200 credits as an actor in film, tv, and theatre. William won Best Actor at Toronto International Film Festival in 2001 for his role in ‘Free’. He has been nominated for 5 Jesse’s and 2 Leo Awards.

Most recently on stage he performed the title role of MacBeth in Sterling Studio Theatre’s Production and Bear in Factory Theatre’s very successful production of ‘Zadie’s Shoes’. He has also played the title roles of ‘Coriolanus’, ‘Aston in ‘The Caretaker’, Starbuck in ‘The Rainmaker and Petruchio in ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and dozens more for Vancouver Playhouse, The Arts Club Theatre, The Citadel Theatre, Phoenix Theatre, Theatre Network, Repercussion, Bard On The Beach, Touchstone, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Theatre Aquarious theatres across Canada.

Most recently he filmed guest star roles in Hemlock Grove, Haven and Saving Hope and a supporting role in Atom Egoyan’s ‘The Captive’ which was selected for competition for the Palme D’Or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

William was a regular in the tv show ‘Call of the Wild’, as well as guest starring and lead roles in ‘White Noise 2’, Hollowman 2, ‘Slither’, The Listener’, ‘Republic of Doyle’, ‘X -Files’, ‘Rhino Brothers’, etc.

He has taught for Gastown Actors Studio, Studio on The Drive, New Image College of Art and Design (All in Vancouver) and for Lyric, both in Vancouver and Toronto.

Amir Aghelnejad:
Head of Film Department, Acting Instructor

Amir Aghelnejad has been a part of the New Image College acting team for a decade and has been leading our film production department for over seven years.

Amir has an unparalleled understanding of film, beginning his career as a writer, editor and personality for MTV Canada. Soon after he began to branching off and developing his own work. To date, Amir has produced over 30 short films, 8 feature films and 3 web series. In addition to this, Amir is an accomplished director and writer, having directed 21 different titles, from short films to feature length, and written over a dozen.

In 2010, Amir edited a six episode documentary for Bravo television that highlighted key Canadian directors, including the iconic director David Cronenberg.

Amir brings a youthful insight to film production, his classes are insightful and help develop the actors understanding of film production from the ground up.

As a director and module instructor, Amir will oversee the creation of short films and assist you in the creation of demo and audition reels.

“I believe the more understanding of how a film is made from the very beginning stages to the final product you see on screen, helps actors appreciate the work that it takes to develop a project, and the key role that you play as performers”.