ALL CREWS – in front and behind camera experiences – February 7, 2018

A fully funded student movie by rich parents, friends and family to usher 11 younglings to create a road trip movie across as many states as possible and then making their way down to Mexico and below.

A Drama, Mystery Adventure film of friends on a treasure hunt by following all the rules of famed treasure hunting movies, ie Indiana Jones, Goonies, Solomon’s Mine, Treasure Island etc.
A group of film buff running head first into danger and culture shock.

Rehearsal / production dates

Weekly discussion over SKYPE.

Job compensation:

Advise payment contract prior

Cam, Makeup, Runner, DOP, Wardrobe, Art dep, Drone

Recommendations accepted and all retired or learning students to professionals can be hired.

Any gender, aged 18 and over from any country

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Listing created: 29 January 2018