Wedding Videographer Collaboration – MUHA (Makeup / Hair Artist) (Lower Mainland) – January 31, 2018

Wedding videographer, Levin Shum, is planning to start a new project and is currently looking for a make-up artist to collaborate.

Before the 2018 wedding session begins, he wants to put together bi-weekly videos that features my video shoots and needs MUHA in order to make it to work.

You will receive an edited video, with interviews, for your portfolio.

You will be required to apply makeup and hair styling to the model. He will also need you to prepare an outline of questions that you would like to be interviewed.

Strong social media skills to help promote the project would also be a an asset.

This is an experimental project, so he wants participants with a collaborating mindset.

If you are interested in this experimental collaboration, please reply back to this email ( with the following information:
– specify that you applying for the make-up artist position. He is also advertising for models so it is important to clarify this in your application.
– please provide a pictures of your work (if any)
– which weekends will you be available?
– suggestion of locations (drone shoot location has to be non-no fly zone and non-restricted areas)

You can find his portfolio at

Original Craigslist Ad