Christine Lee

Acting Instructor



Christine Lee is a Canadian born actress/singer who started her artistic journey in New York. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a prestigious conservatory and a home for many notable actors including Grace Kelly, Robert Redford, and Jessica Chastain. After her graduation, Christine was accepted into multi-award winning theater company, The Flea. Christine developed and acted in many original off-off-Broadway shows including Mary-Kate Olsen is in Love, Sarah Flood, Nectarine, and more. She also branched out to other renown theater companies including Ars Nova, Ensemble Theater Company, and New Georges. As a result, Christine established herself as the darling of Indie Theater scene in downtown New York. Christine then moved back to Vancouver to further develop her career in film and T.V. She has had the privilege of acting with the Academy Award winning actor Anne Hathaway in feature film Colossal. She also played the lead character in a Hallmark film, My Christmas Dream with Danica McKellar. Her latest work includes Aliens Ate My Homework (Universal Pictures) and Travelers (Netflix).

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