Audition Opportunity: THE GAME OF LOVE AND CHANCE

Company: United Players
Playwright: Pierre de Marivaux
Director: Brian Parkinson
Production dates: June 1-25, 2017
Audition date: Saturday March 11th (2-4pm)
Audition location: Jericho Hill Centre, 4196 West 4th Ave.
Requires: Silvia: refined, genuine, headstrong, kind, intelligent. Able to play 20-30

Lisette: Silvia’s maid – feisty, cheeky, delightful, smart, loveable. Able to play 20-30

Orgon: Silvia’s father – a gentleman, refined, kindly, jocular. Able to play 50

Mario: Silvia’s brother – a gentleman, foppish, joker, tease. Able to play 20-30

Dorante: Silvia’s suitor: a gentleman, earnest, sincere, bright. Able to play 25-30

Arlequino: Dorante’s man: Astute, mischievous, comical, very agile. Able to play 25-

Notes: Please prepare a comic monologue (classic preferred but contemporary acceptable) Please be prepared to perform a cold-read of a short monologue (auditioners may or may not be asked to perform this monologue)
Contact: for audition time please contact Andree at 604-224-8007