Audition Opportunity!! – LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST

Company: Alchemy Theatre & Vagabond Players
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Matthew Davenport
Production dates: 10–27 August
Audition dates: 22 April (daytime), 24 April and 26 April (evening)
Audition Address: Bernie Legge Theatre, Queens Park, New Westminster


Ferdinand, King of Navarre – male, 18 to 30: A scholar who swears an oath to uphold his scholarship at the expense of all earthly pleasures, the most important of which will turn out to be receiving women at his court
Berowne, Longaville, Dumaine – males, 18 to 30: Three lords who have joined the King in his oath of scholarship. They fall in love with Rosaline, Maria, and Katherine, respectively
Princess of France – female, 18 to 30: Sent on an important diplomatic mission to Navarre and forced to camp outside the court due to the King’s oath
Rosaline, Maria, Katherine – females, 18 to 30: Three ladies attending the Princess who catch the fancy of the King’s lords
Boyet – male, 18 to 30: A gossipy French lord counselling the Princess of France, quick to note that the young men have fallen for the ladies
Don Adriano de Armado – male, 20 to 35: An affected Spanish braggart, a man who thinks himself finer than he actually is and talks in mind-bogglingly fancy language
Moth – male, 12 to 18: Don Armado’s page, a young, small, and extremely quick-witted boy who can hold his own with his master’s language and best him with it
Sir Nathaniel – male, 25 to 50: A local curate, a man greatly impressed by Holofernes’s learning and by his own
Holofernes – male, 25 to 50: A pedant and the local schoolteacher
Anthony Dull – male, 20 to 50: The local constable, a blunt and un-loquacious man who has no qualms about admitting that he has no idea what anyone else is talking about
Costard – male, 18 to 35: A swain at the court of Navarre who is caught chatting with Jaquenetta by Armado in spite of the King’s order that men are not to see women
Jaquenetta – female, 18 to 35: A country wench who does not have the greatest reputation for virtue
Notes: Please bring a list of your unavailable/conflict dates with you to the auditions. Dates not disclosed at the audition form will not be considered and will result in recasting
Prepare one Shakespearian monologue, not to exceed 2 minutes, NOT from Love’s Labour’s Lost, and one story-type joke.
If your headshot and resume are not submitted within 24 hours of your audition booking your audition request will be denied.
This is a non-Equity volunteer production
Contact: To Schedule an audition please visit
Please submit your headshot and resume digitally AFTER scheduling your audition by emailing