Audition, Live Theatre – Male/Female Roles – April 9, 2018

DEADLINE: Friday, April 13, 2018
AUDITIONS: April 14, 2018

Please submit resume and headshot to


April Sinclair is ready for the happiest day of her life, that is, if she can keep her inner-bridezilla at bay. April is has promised to her friends and family to be on her best behaviour but what will break her delicate composure: Her recently-dumped maid of honour who cries at the sound of romance? Or her wedding planner who forgot to plan the wedding? Or her ex showing up at the last minute. Can April behave like a a gracious bride-to-be or will her inner-bridezilla take over?
“Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is an original one-act play filled with physical and slapstick comedy. It will be premiering in May at the Royal Canadian Theatre Co. studio at 10660 City Parkway.


Possible Honorarium dependent on fundraising.

Otherwise, it will be unpaid

Additional Comments:

This is a new one-act play. Rehearsals will take place on the weekends from 10-3 throughout April.
If needed, we will schedule rehearsals Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 7:30-10pm.
If there are any availability issues, please let me know beforehand with your submission. Thank you.

For additional information, including specific role descriptions, please CLICK HERE