Project Type : Short Film
Genre: Horror
Production Title: Lillian
Shoot date: Saturday, July 22
Location: Mission, BC
Compensation: $50+gas+kit fee
Looking for 1-2 FX MU artists to come join us on our short horror project ‘Lillian’.
The job will entail aging effects on the hand and forearm of one actress, and a larger scale make up job on our evil entity, Lillian. The artists hired for the job will have that info disclosed from me.
This is for a competition with a July 27 deadline (announced on July 8, so we came into this pressed for time) and as such the July 22 shoot date is critical, unmovable, and whoever is hired I need to ensure will be there.
If you don’t drive, we can arrange travel for the right candidate.
I look forward to whoever may be hired for this and working with you. We’ll have a fun day of mind bending horror! Fun!
please send me relevant portfolio pieces, and your resume to
My name is Kevin Schultz, writer/director/producer. I look forward to meeting you.