All In: With Sally Satfield, a short for the NIC students

All In: With Sally Satfield



“All In: With Sally Satfield” is the story of 10 strangers that are brought together by a strange and mysterious invitation. Each of the teens arrive under the assumption that they are part of a dance contest. We soon meet our over-enthusiastic host, Sally Satfield and her silent side-kick Harold Hark, and we discover that when you lose in this competition, you lose more then just a chance at the winning prize.

Note from the director

“I come from an acting background, and I find whenever I am working on a project it takes me a week to get through the trail period of where you are becoming comfortable with your creative collaborators, and they with you. What made this shoot so interesting is that we only had two weeks to develop and shoot the whole thing! Which means we had to warm up to each other fast! Think of it kind of like speed dating for film makers! But I think this accelerated way to make film really forced everyone to be on our A-game man, I mean we were literally shooting 12 to 14 hours straight – pizza and soda between takes and right back to it! It made it such an incredible experience and it was so cool for me to watch their development, since for of most them it was the first time they had ever been on camera! By the end I think we all felt like we had just finished a mini marathon… and I feel that our hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and pizza sauce stains really show on camera!”


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Directed by

Dakota Daulby

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Dakota Daulby


Raylene Tate Raylene Tate
Emma Everton (as Raylene Frances Tate)
Star Martin Star Martin
Marguerite Miles
Yu Sarah Matsushita Yu Sarah Matsushita
Eva Wakahisha (as Sarah Matsushita)
Roberto Lanzas Roberto Lanzas
Eddie Easton (as Roberto Gutierrez)
Jessica Allaire Jessica Allaire
Hazel Harding
Lucas Othmer Lucas Othmer
Fred Fahlett
Daren Locke Daren Locke
Harold Hark
Ash MacAndrew Ash MacAndrew
Grace Gunning (as Ashley McAndrew)
Elliot Figueira Elliot Figueira
Roger Rabbit
Kayla Janelle Tellier Kayla Janelle Tellier
Elsie Ellis
Michelle Cyr Michelle Cyr
Sally Satfield
Joshua Paquette Joshua Paquette
Lloyd Larner (as Joshua Daniel Paquette)


Produced by

Amir Aghelnejad producer
John Craig executive producer
Dakota Daulby producer
Philip Granger producer
Charie Van Dyke executive producer

Cinematography by

Aaron Veale

Film Editing by

Nick Brooks (edited by)

Production Design by

Parker Shell

Makeup Department

Keely Anderson makeup department head
Carissa Flatland key makeup artist
Meili Looi assistant makeup artist

Production Management

Amir Aghelnejad post-production supervisor

Sound Department

Suryakiran Mukkavilli sound mixer
Penelope Walcott sound designer / sound mixer