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Body Part Prop Fabrication

Students will be taught how to make a mold of their arm or foot using techniques already learnt from previous class experience. They will be shown new and advanced tricks to mold making and creating a realistic body part.

20 Hours
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Design & Concept

Students will be taught how to use digital or hard copy mediums to create a comprehensive character makeup. They will gain basic working knowledge of creating concept design of their own character.

20 Hours
Final Touches & Practical Exam

This portion of the course is setup to allow students to get everything completed. Any and all final touches that need to be done will happen now.

20 Hours
You will learn how to create minor and major special make-up effects for TV and film, instructed with the subtlety necessary to ensure onscreen realism. This module includes bruising, black eyes, scars, burns, blood, sweat, tears, scrapes, cuts, frostbite, gashes, road-rash, broken noses, bullet holes, facial hair, aging and bald cap application.
Gags / Blood Rigging / Splatter Canon

Students will be given many different demos on how to rig up for squirting blood effects. Using different tubing and an assortment of pumps and a variety of different rigs for vomit effects, brain explosion and blood spray effects.

12 Hours
Life Casting Full Bust & Torso

Students will be life-casting larger parts of the body. They’ll be doing a full bust life-casting and a torso casting of either the front or the back torso.

40 Hours
Painting & Realistic Pre-Painting

Students will be learning pre-painting techniques, final dressing fabrication and prop build up. They will be given a demo on how to paint creatures with a realistic looking paint scheme.

20 Hours
Running Foam Latex

Students will be taught the inner workings of how to mix and run foam latex. They will learn how to pour the foam and how to bake it, as well as pre-painting techniques.

40 Hours
Sculpting of Bust & Torso

Students will sculpt creative and interesting creatures from the design portion of the course. They will sculpt on a bust and life-cast and will acquire a deeper understanding of running a full face piece and head cowell.

40 Hours
Silicone Tongue Appliances

Students will be sculpting a tongue on an armature then they’ll make a mold of the tongue and also the inner core of the mold, so it can be placed over the model’s actual tongue.

20 Hours
Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.59.31 PM
Ventilated Hair / Lace Pieces

Students will learn how to size and cut lace to an accurate fit, how to tie real hair to the lace, how to apply a facial ventilated hair piece, how to style the piece and how to remove it properly.

28 Hours
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