Film Acting Conservatory
1960 Hours / 81.5 Weeks

In our two year diploma program, you will be guided through a journey of self-exploration and given the tools to master the craft of acting. In each module, you will be prepared for the challenges of new classes ahead and every module of work intensifies and builds upon the other.

This is an inspiring and life changing acting program that allows the student to experience the entire scope of acting from live performance in the theatre to acting in advanced film projects.
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Film Acting Year 1

960 Hours / 48 Weeks

Film Acting Year 2

1000 Hours / 33.5 Weeks

New Image College’s Acting School Conservatory Program was founded on one principle – “have you learn from those who do”.

We pride ourselves in providing a program that has been crafted by experienced, award-winning and working instructors. You will train with actors, writers and directors that excel in their fields.

These are degree holding men and women that understand the business from a working perspective, not just from the pages of a textbook.

At New Image we teach by doing. Hires those that do, and produce students that will. Hone formative skills and techniques through practical acting and drama workshops. And there may be some contests and review sessions too.

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