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learn the craft of bringing characters to life.
audition, create and inspire audiences.


Train To Become An Actor

Acting School is an area where New Image College excels beyond the basic understanding of what it means to be an actor. When you become part of the top Acting Conservatory in Vancouver, you will be taught techniques that discover your inner abilities to truly craft characters and bring them to life from script to stage and screen.

Structured classes, in-depth modules, special workshops and mentorship are all part of what it means to be part of the New Image College Acting Program.

Learn Training and Experience Mentorship:

• Script Reading and Analysis
• Character Study
• Performance Structure
• Camera Smart Acting
• Stunt Acting

Act on Stage and Screen

Through the 2 year acting school programs available, you will discover the inner brilliance of bringing a character from script pages to the audiences who understand and develop empathy with the story you create through acting.

• Perform Live Theatre
• Learn Film Acting Skills
• Practical Audition Training
• Network with working Actors
• Act in real Film environments

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Acting Year 1

960 Hours / 32 Weeks

Acting Year 2

1000 Hours / 33.5 Weeks