About New Image College

How do you measure the success of a college? Some might say success is measured through how many students a school can turn over, or by the achievements of the professionals that teach there. And we would say that they are wrong.

At New Image, our success actually has nothing to do with us. Success shouldn’t be based off the school, or the teachers that work there, no matter how amazing they are. Success is about you. New Image succeeds when our students do first.

New Image was founded in 1980 by Charlotte Dyke with the vision to help individuals develop both their inner and outer talents.

Since our origin, we have been a place that focuses on our students. We provide an environment for serious, dedicated and artistic souls to learn from the highest caliber of professionals.

So we invite you to join the NIC family. Work hard and learn skills that will allow you to follow your dreams. We want you to be the next reason we say “NIC is successful, because our students are first”.

Mission Statement

New Image is a post secondary educational and training institution dedicated to preparing students for a career in Make-up Artistry for T.V and Film, Esthetics and Skin care for the Spa Industry or an Acting career for the Film and T.V. Industry, with the knowledge and hands on training needed to be successful in their career.

New Image is committed to teaching the most current and up to date knowledge and information in the field using the most appropriate methodology and technology available to help students be successful in their field, but not limited to that purpose by providing the time, guidance and effort by the faculty and staff for students to learn by doing and practicing the skill involvement to become excellent practitioners in their future job.

New Image is committed to recruiting, utilizing and managing the best possible experienced instructors in their specialized field, to provide the best possible quality and quantity of equipment and supplies needed for the students to achieve excellence in their education and training.

New Image is committed to assisting student’s growth as persons with both communication and relational skills necessary for students as a basis, for achieving the goals they desire out in the workforce in daily life.

New Image is always making an effort to assess its results whether it be curriculum knowledge, training applications and skills delivery, faculty growth and enhancement or equipment improvement and providing a positive, comfortable and peaceful environment to maximum the learning capacity of each of its students.

It is the final goal of New Image that each student that comes to New Image for teaching and training in their field of choice will graduate with the resources necessary to make them successful as persons and practitioners in the field.

“ Our goal is to change lives one student at a time ”